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The bad news is it’s under reconstruction.

The good news is it should be awesome when finished.

Until then, call 510-436-5000 and you’ll get the answers you need straight from the horse’s mouth.

PG&E responds to gas leaks 24/7 and can be reached at 1(800)743-5000

About Us

nate_iapmo4DynaTherm is a NATE certified HVAC contractor that serves the needs of residential, commercial, and light industrial customers in the East Bay region…Berkeley to Hayward. The owner has been in the industry for nearly 30 years and holds IAPMO Mechanical & Plumbing inspector credentials in addition to the usual California State Contractor Licensing requirements. Sound, safe, practical solutions are all we offer and we do so at fair rates. Gimmick products and high pressure sales traps aren’t something we engage in.

Our Procedures

accaMembership and involvement with Air Conditioning Contractors of America is an important distinction between a person that happens to work in the HVAC field and a true industry professional. ACCA is the the group that develops and promotes the industry’s “best practices” and engineering standards for HVAC design, installation, and quality control. DynaTherm uses Wrightsoft load calculation software to accurately determine correct equipment capacities. By adhering to ACCA standards, we know that we can provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.